Services to editorial teams

Centre Mersenne offers a range of publishing services to journals and events’ proceedings editors. Services are available à la carte.


Electronic publishing tool installation: Open Journal System

Installation, adaptation and maintenance of OJS, developed by Public Knowledge Project. Assistance can be provided.

Plagiarism detection

Mathdoc is a Crossref member and can give acces to Crossref Similarity Check‘s tool, iThenticate.

DOI registration

Mathdoc is a Crossref member and assigns DOIs to every published document.

Managing editor
LaTeX layout system
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Typesetting and prepress

Typesetting, metadata checking and structured encoding, bibliography checking and structured encoding, graphical objects checking and editing, mathematical formulae checking and editing, LaTeX typesetting according to the journal layout.
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Online posting

Our dissemniation platform will welcome publications posted online thanks to XML produced with the cedram class. The platform is interoperable with relevant digital infrastructures (EuDML, BASE, indexing databases, etc.)
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